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upon individually customized diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Hi! My name is Mary, along with many others had a serious weight problem almost my entire life. As I like to say “I was thin until I was five years old.” I’ve tried many diets over the years, some successful for a while and have always had them all end in failure. It has been a long hard journey especially dealing with stares, nasty comments, and generally people being very hurtful. As a child my mother was trying to help me with diets without success, obviously. I have since learned that nagging is of no help, all that did was make me rebel more & more.

Finally after several years of struggling with a family history of diabetes, heart disease and strokes I discovered Physicians Weight Loss Center. A friend of mine, a doctor, told me about some of his patients that had success with the program. I thought about it, and other programs for one last hurrah into the weight loss world. I called PWLC and talked with Kate for a while about my situation and decided to make an appointment and have a consultation. After visiting with her and finding out about the different programs they have, I decided this was it for me, because I need structure and accountability. I won’t say that it has been easy all the way my journey has had its challenges, which I believe I have handled well on the whole. I went on a week vacation, and lost weight. Also I eat out 2-3 times a week or more and still do well. I made a commitment to change my life and it has made all the difference in the world to me; the way I feel, my attitude, my health, everything. I feel great!!!

Started with you and Physicians Weight Loss in June-2007. It was rough the first couple of months, even harder, because I work around food all day, had a lot of temptations around me. Bu with your support and others, I stuck to it.

When I saw weight coming off quickly, I pushed myself harder, and started exercising 6 days a week for 1 to 2 hours per day. Did exercising moves I thought I could never do before, still exercising to this day and weight training to try to firm up. I’m happy with my weight loss and went past my goal. I keep it off by eating correctly and exercise 4 days a week and feel good after I do work out.

I am off blood pressure pills and pressure has been normal. This was the only diet that I stuck to and really works. Done weight watchers, diet pills and others, but never kept weight off long.

I still refer back to weight loss booklets, what used to take me ½ hour in grocery store, now an hour or so, because I look at all labels of food, never did that before, until I joined your company.

This diet has changed me as a person. People say, I’ve known for years, say I’m nice and joke more, and I go out and talk to customers more often now, sometimes they don’t recognize me at first because they’re used to seeing my heavy.

My social life has picked up a lot, go out more, meet new people and just have fun.

What I used to be, I will never go back to. I love the transformation that has happened in a few short months. I am now in a 2-4 pants and small to medium shirt. This type of diet does work, and changes your life for the good, for health and mental ways.

You and others give personal one on one methods, you make clients feel they are the only ones, and make that person feel good about themselves, always there when we need you, no matter what the case may be. You always make a person feel great about themselves when they walk through your doors.

The Physicians Weight Loss Plan does work, where others have failed.

Thank you and Company for changing my life and the way I look now.



*Each patient’s experience is unique based on medical conditions and body composition, as each patient’s body is different. The amount of weight loss may vary based on these and other variables such as program adherence and metabolic factors.

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